How it works:

Cables are 90cm total length, or 36 inches if you’re imperially inclined.
Product weight: 620 Grams including lock and seatpost.
Seatpost is 3D Forged, 6061 Aluminium.
Seatpost Diameters Available: 25.4mm, 27.2mm, 31.6mm

We won a GOLD award at the Taipei Cycle Show 2014! Arranged by iF Design, only 5 Gold awards are given away each year. The Taipei Cycle Show has over 3300 exhibitors, so the award is a big deal! We’re stoked!

If you live in a high risk area for bike theft, we recommend using #theinterlock in conjunction with a U-Lock for the ultimate security solution. Use a U-Lock or D-Lock to secure the front wheel and frame while using The InterLock to secure the Seat/Seatpost/Rear Wheel – See below for a way to use the two-lock method.